Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Taking pictures with my heart

I'm definitely one of those moms who LOVES taking pictures of my baby! :) Whenever he starts doing something cute, my instinctive reaction is to grab the camera.

Cameras are great to capture moments like these. :) 

However, what usually happens (I'm sure I'm not alone in this) is as soon as my kiddo see the camera he stops whatever he was doing and starts trying to reach for the camera. What is it with babies and black, shiny things? ;)

An article I read recently got me thinking about WHY I take so many pictures of my son and if I really need to take as many as I do.

I had a few moments this week where our son has done something adorable, and I wanted to take a picture, but I realized that me getting up to get the camera and leaving his side interrupts the memory we were creating. When he's smiling at me and babbling away, he doesn't want me to leave to get a camera. He wants me to stay. He wants me to listen. He wants me to be there and share in a special moment that he saved just for me.

Those moments he saves just for me are one of the most fulfilling joys of being a mom, and I don't want to miss any.

So now when those moments come, I'm going to leave the camera on the shelf and start taking pictures with my heart.

The memories and pictures I have in my heart will be with me for a long time (considering I don't get amnesia anytime soon). When our son is a rambunctious toddler or an ambitious teenager, I can pull out my heart's photo album and remember his cute baby smiles and the cherished moments we shared looking into each other's eyes. Mother and son. Together.

I'll still take plenty pictures of my son as he grows, so we can preserve his cute chubby cheeks, record his milestones and share with others. But in a world so focused on connecting through digital means and sharing everything with everyone, we often forget to connect with others heart-to-heart and share a special moment with the people who are making it special.

So take pictures of your life with your camera, but don't be afraid to put the camera, tablet or smartphone away and capture the memory with your heart. Chances are, those pictures will be the ones you cherish most. :)

Capturing a moment is good, but living it is even better.

*If you're interested in reading the article that started my thoughts, click here. It's from Relevant Magazine "5 questions to ask before posting to social media."

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