Sunday, January 19, 2014

Solid food adventures

So we started our son on solid foods about a month ago. He's been having a lot of fun exploring new tastes and textures. I think it would be interesting if we could remember what it was like when we tasted food for the first time. Sometimes I wish I knew what he was thinking, but these pictures do a pretty good job of showing his thoughts...

Rice cereal was a success. He wasn't sure about the texture at first, but he likes it now.
We tried carrots next (a homemade puree), and I think these pictures
explain his feelings pretty well.
"Bleck! What are you putting in my mouth!?!" 
"Ewww!" (Shaking his head no-hence the blur)
So yeah...he didn't like carrots.

We tried mashed avacado, and he liked that.
Sometimes he also just likes eating his foot. :)
After about a month of cereal and pureed foods, we decided to let him explore some non-pureed foods.

He really likes bananas.

So it's been one of the fun, messy adventures of parenting. It's exciting to see him explore and try new things, and the faces he makes are priceless! :)