Sunday, May 11, 2014

To be a mom

Today is my first official Mother's Day. Last year my kiddo was growing inside me and now he's out and it's been wonderful to feel the true joy of being a mom. These are thoughts I've had running through my mind today. It's not exactly poetic, but I hope it expresses how blessed I feel to be a mom. And I know I also wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for my wonderful mother who exemplified motherhood and womanhood as a disciple of Christ. I'm so grateful for her.

To be a mom is a wonderful thing, filled with joy and happiness.
But not every day is happy and fun.
To be a mom is also tiring, emotional and hard. 

To be a mom is to have good days and bad days. 
Sometimes you shower, sometimes you're in pajamas 'til five.

To be a mom is sometimes to have a clean house and kids in bed by eight.
Other times it means not getting the laundry done or toys put away
Because time was spent wiping runny noses and drying tears.

To be a mom is not for the faint of heart.
To be a mom is to also be a therapist, a taxi driver, a chef, a doctor.

To be a mom is not to be perfect,
but to realize that despite imperfections we can make a difference. 
We can be the difference. 

To be a mom is challenging but worth it. 
It's not easy staying up all night with a sick baby to then continue through the next day.

To be a mom is to watch children learn, grow and discover. 
Sometimes it means letting them learn the hard way, and our heart breaks with theirs.

But God provides a refuge for moms for the hard days when we doubt.
He watches over us, strengthens us and helps us do what we cannot.
To be a mom is a divine partnership with Him, and He never fails on His promises.

To be a mom provides a glimpse of heaven, a glimpse of God's love. 
To be a mom is to have the most profound influence in the life of an individual. 

To be a mom is to be an angel, to be a nurturer, to be a friend. 
To be a mom is to find divinity in yourself, to grow into the woman you're destined to become.

Through the ups and downs, through the laughter and tears,
to be a mom is not easy, but it's fulfilling.
It's not always glamorous, but it makes me beautiful. 

How grateful I am God gave me the chance to be a mom.

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