Thursday, December 26, 2013

Welcome to our blog!

So I've taken the plunge and become a blogger. Watch out world! :)

I'm excited to be able to continue writing and use this blog to share our life adventures. Right now, this blog will be to share fun stories and thoughts with family and friends. As I get it going I want to post fun craft ideas, recipes and book recommendations. I hope you'll enjoy it!

My husband and I have been wanting to start a family blog for a while, and we came up with the name "The Spirit of Adventure" based off of one of our favorite movies: Disney/Pixar's "UP!" We love this movie because it shows that even in hardships we can find happiness and love. Adventure will be the loose theme of this blog, so I thought I'd share a little more about my philosophy on adventures. :)

Life is an adventure. Aka, it's not going to be easy, but we'll learn a lot, make memories, laugh and cry, and become all-around better people. In my experience so far, life is boring without adventures. If you think about most popular movies and books, they all include an adventure, whether it's a quest to find a hidden treasure or a journey of self-discovery. The suspense and excitement lies in wondering if the hero of the story will succeed.

My own story to this point has included many adventures: going to college, getting married, buying a car, handling job loss, starting our family, discovering the type of woman I want to be, and the list continues. Through all my adventures (and they have not been easy), the main thing that keeps me going is my relationship with God.

God is my anchor in life when the ocean gets rough, and I get to the point in my adventure when I'm ready to give up. He helps me in so many ways whether it's something small like a beautiful sunset or something bigger like providing guidance in a huge life decision. I know He is with all of us on our adventures during the times when we're on top of the world, winning our battles and feeling great. But He's also there during the times when we've been beaten, lost someone we love, and want to give up.

Finding God in your life is part of the adventure.

As my husband and I often say when we have a new challenge, "It will be an adventure." :) We look forward to the challenge and the growth. We do the best we can always working with each other and with God. We're writing our family's life story (figuratively and literally) and hope that in sharing it with you, we can help you to find joy and happiness on your own adventure.

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